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  Co. B, 27th North Carolina Troops

Guilford Greys

Army of the Potomac

Fifth Corps

Second Division, First Brigade

Fourteenth U.S. Infantry

Eight Companies

Captain Grotius R.Giddings commanding

July 2 – Arrived in the morning and took position with the Brigade and Division near the Twelfth Corps on the right. Moved with the Division from the right to the left of the line and at 5 P.M. with the Brigade moved across Plum Run near Little Round Top and supported the Second Brigade in its advance to the crest of the rocky wooded hill beyond and facing left engaged the Confederates but retired under a heavy fire on both flanks and from the rear after the Confederates had possession of the Wheatfield in the rear of the Brigade and went into position on Little Round Top.

July 3 – Remained in same position.

July 4 – The Regiment with the 12th supported the 3d. 4th. and 6th. U.S. Infantry in a reconnaissance and developed a force of the Confederate Infantry and Artillery in front.

Casualties - Killed 16 men, Wounded 2 officers and 108 men, Missing 4 men